Cover Additional Insurers

The partnership between Nexus Mutual and Cover seems to be going well.

Additional insurers that could be approached about reinsuring each other’s business includes:

  • Nsure Network @Nsure_network, @LeafanChan is the CTO
  • Bridge Mutual @Bridge_Mutual, @ciapotti is their CTO; @LordTylerWard of BarnBridge is an advisor to Bridge
  • Union Finance @UNNFinance, @mZargham is an advisor
  • Foresight @ForesightDeFi, launches soon
  • Squirrel Finance @SquirrelDeFi

That would have a stabilizing effect on prices, increase TVL and increase capacity.

I recognize that you created a form for potential partners to fill out, but I think these companies should specifically be reached out to proactively. However you made the Nexus Mutual partnership happen, package up that lightning in a bottle and go for it again. Rather than let the market think that they have to pick and choose, your fully-collateralized approach can complement the leverage that these other players are taking on.

For sure, it is a great idea to have coverage for others coverage protocols. But since its permissionless, we don’t need to ask them. We also never asked Nexus Mutual. If we add them, they should add us. If they don’t sure we can contact them. There also must be a actual product to cover, as of now, they do not have one.