Marketplace layout and Historical prices

Two ideas/suggestions:

  1. In Marketplace section, would it be possible to show a list with all the protocols with their information in one page. Something similar as how the protocols are display in the Shield Mining Section.

The objective is to avoid to click and go back in each protocol to see the current prices for claim and no-claim tokens

If you want to have full details of a protocol you can always click in the protocol and that will display full information.

  1. Historical Prices, would it be possible to display historical prices of the claim and no-claim tokens? I think it could be useful in the future to have this kind of information
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  1. Maybe we can make a seperate tab to have a listed version. I will bring it up with the team.

  2. For historical prices you can check here, ttps:// (Track TVL & CLAIM/NOCLAIM TVL and Historical pricing) again maybe we can integrate a tab for that as well.


this is great! thanks @teddy9423
for 1) I can help and write the frontend code if the team will be open
2) thanks for sharing the link, super helpful stats that we should definitely include a link so people have the option to see historical data
btw I love the dashboard and how it has been constantly increasing in TVL