Possible Dapps for Coverage/Partnerships

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This is a thread I’ve started to get people discussing what protocols Cover should be offering coverage for, either at launch or eventually.

With Cover Protocol, coverage will be possible on any contract (and eventually anything), with no KYC needed, and coverage prices entirely decided by the market.

Before suggesting a potential partner or dapp to cover, please take the following into consideration:

  • Coverage under the Cover Protocol is peer-to-peer, fully market decided. If there is not any demand for coverage, then people may not see a need to provide said coverage.
  • If a contract is new, unaudited, or not very well known, coverage providers may possibly not be interested in providing coverage. However, there may still be demand for coverage (which means a higher premium), which means a possibility for providers to be interested.

With that being said, here’s a list of platforms that may be good candidates for coverage:

  • Harvest.Finance
  • Pickle
  • Sushiswap
  • Lido
  • Snowswap
  • NXM
  • REN

Any other platforms you’d like to see? Let us know in a reply below!

Thanks for participating!


CORE maybe? Also legit and grown to a decent size marketcap +40m$


Barnbridge looks interesting


I think paraswap & aave could be a good candidate


I think pickle and cream


Pickle for sure. They are tier 1 builders. Discord community is top notch.


Keep3r for sure. People would likely want to assurance they are good due to the EMN debacle of AC. Also Enoki.


The Gnosis Safe is an interesting partnership given their growing importance for managing high value funds, using their mulitsig wallet. They have an App Store like interface where Cover could be front and center in terms of exposure


Coverage for either / both

  • Insure the soundness of the supply of Monero

    • due to it’s opaque blockchain the supply cannot be see as it is with bitcoin
    • it is mathematically sound, but there is a very minute chance that an implementation bug is found causing the supply to be inflated
    • Monero users / developers want to publicly vet that their chain is sound
    • The possibility of actually having a payout is low
  • Insure the on-chain privacy of Monero

    • Monero users / developers want to publicly vet that their chain is opaque
    • Example event: vulnerability is found within Ring CT that allows all amounts to be revealed

Very interesting man, be sure to post this to monero channels cuz their community is very open to actual valuable suggestions

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Unfortunately, there are a lot of Monero scam tokens on ethereum. So it may be difficult to initally gather monero community support.

Not to mensions the innate aversion of any smart contract chains.

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Interesting proposal! Thank you for the suggestion! Will be considered!