Potential Dapps/Tools built on top of Cover

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Discourse forum!

This is a thread to organize potential ideas for tools built on top of Cover Protocol. Maybe even possibly for bounty rewards, etc.

List of great ideas for contributors to pick up on:

  • A dashboard similar to https://nexustracker.io/. This would great for seeing info that is too dense for our normal site. Would absolutely LOVE to see this!
  • An automatic coverage providing contract set up for protocols coverage funds. Say a % of fees go into this contract to automatically stake the collateral, sell, the CLAIM, and hold the NOCLAIM to show confidence in the protocol and provide cheaper coverage for users.
  • Zap contracts for automatic market making in balancer, coverage providing, and coverage seeking actions. This would be great for our users and manually providing liquidity or making pools is troublesome.
  • Discord bot for coverage info, stats, etc.

Provided ideas to far:

  • Some sort of notification system for coverage seekers. SMS or Email, or even a Discord bot.

We want Cover Protocol to be a building block of DeFi and we believe there’s so much potential here! If anyone has any other ideas please let us know and I can add them to the list!

If anyone wants to claim a task as well, please let us know and we can look into a possible bounty :smiley:

Thank you everyone!


Good stuff, definitely down for the coverage providing contract! :smile:

Another idea: bot alert for users to subscribe to (maybe SMS or E-Mail notification)

  • in case of mooning CLAIM tokens (hack indicator)

  • coverage expiration approaching

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This is a good idea! Would make a great discord bot too I think :smiley:

Not exactly the same thing, but a widget that covered projects include on their site could be good. Would encourage more participation in cover, show the projects take insurance seriously, and work as co-marketing.

Giving protocols an easy way to provide insurance is a great idea. Something that lets projects say “we believe in insurance and protecting our users, so 1% of protocol rewards will go towards providing coverage” a la safu fund