Sponsored content by YouTuber Chico Crypto

Hey guys, glad to be here and present this idea/proposal to the community. I will make this an official proposal if it seems as if the community is behind the idea! I’m a huge believer in Cover and an active participant in the protocol.

I am also a viewer of the YouTube channel Chico Crypto. He mentioned the project back in the early days of Safe and has also recently reaffirmed he likes Cover on his last live stream, when he was tipped and asked about the project from one of his viewers.

Cover has been shipping at a great pace a pretty unique product offering, but seems to be somehow still lacking the deserved awareness in the DeFi space.

Because of this sense, I’d like to propose an ongoing cooperation to Cover for the creation and distribution of branded contents through the Chico Crypto YouTube channel.

Here are some stats on the Chico Crypto channel:

  • 162k subscribers;
  • about 6 vids/week produced;
  • on avg. 35k views per video within few days from release

My proposal would entice the production of:

  1. #1 Integrated Video Review introducing Cover (3-5 mins length out of the total 12 minutes video) - posted on the Chico Crypto YouTube channel, and shared on all his social media outlets.

  2. #2 by-weekly updates per month (recurring) on Cover during his live streams (3-5 mins length) - posted on the Chico Crypto YouTube channel, and shared on all his social media outlets.

  3. #1 Full video review on Cover (10-15 mins) - posted onto the Chico Crypto YouTube channel, and shared on all his social media outlets.

I have personally reached out to Chico Crypto and his representation to see how his sponsored content is structured! With framing the above as an ongoing cooperation, He’d be glad to recognize in exclusive to Cover a 50% discount off his nominal rates. He is already familiar with the project and believes in what the protocol is working to achieve.


  1. $ 5k for an Integrated video review
  2. $ 5k/months for #2 by-weekly updates (recurring)
  3. $12.5k for a Full video review (if requested)
    (payments 50% in ETH + 50% in Cover, made 3 days in advance to posting date).

Please check out his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHop-jpf-huVT1IYw79ymPw

Looking forward to lifting this cooperation off the ground for our community and getting Cover the exposure we deserve!


I don’t think (short of marketing), that exposure is an issue for Cover Protocol right now.

I would love to see proposals of

  • Recommending Layer2 order books teams and projects (we are in talk with Loopring)
  • Possible ways to improve IL for MMs and fixes on Slippages of CLAIM/NOCLAIM token prices.
  • Improve token utility and allow healthy growth of the Cover Protocol. Like connecting other teams to accept token for their platforms.

In general, there is no short of demand of coverages. If anything, it is the problem we face that will prevent its long term growth.

Once those real problems are solved, then I think if we identity an issue with our marketing strategy (none, really, lol), we can justify and focus on that.


No need for this cheap marketing. Cover will be known for its tech not for marketing.