The voices of all the holders

My address (0x985e39030CDefA2FF83f95E84696DC3280C16377)
Taking a snapshot according to the block height of 11541218 is a serious mistake, which means that people who held it before then, and those who smashed the plate crazily in the later period can really get tokens and compensation, and later they can buy tokens without any tokens, thus becoming the catcher.
Tokens should be allocated according to all current holders of tokens and proportionally diluted the number of tokens. This is the reasonable plan.
If cover does not agree with the above plan, I propose to fork this project to protect our rights and interests.


You have the right to be unhappy about the decision. After such an event it is not possible all parties involved to be happy. Team decided to protect old investors that bought when supply was 40k COVER. Investors that bought COVER for $1000-$1400 not for $70.
I am sure this was not an easy decision for Cover Team.
Many old investors understand and support COVER TEAM decision.