Underwriters - Category for Risks in protocols

As Cover V2 is nearly ready to launch we are going to use this forum as a way to discuss risk types and what types of coverage underwriters would want to see. The initial roll out for COVER V2 will be across a few different appetites;

  • Rewards partners (those that have liquidity incentives to provide)
  • Protocols that have high coverage purchases across the market already to showcase cost setting
  • Credit Default Market for RULER Protocol lending pairs
  • Stablecoin coverage for all USD pegged assets.

Current types of events known for coverage on smart contracts;

  • Code was used in a malicious or not for the designed purpose
  • Economic design failure
  • Oracle failure/manipulation
  • Governance Attacks
  • Removal of funds from address to an address that is not controlled by the user
  • Funds permanently locked (bricked)

This forum thread is to help understand what the terms and wording should look like for users and the CVC and assessors to lean on at time of assessment.
What are the exclusions
What other risk events need to be covered.

Highest amount of coverage used in market;

  • Curve
  • Bancor
  • Yearn
  • Aave

New Primitives;

  • Stablecoin Protection
  • Bridge Protection
  • L2s for economic loss
  • Rari Capital (Special Project)

Rewarding Partners;

  • Badger
  • BoringDAO
  • Premia
  • Wolves of Wallstreet WOWS

Coverage Proposal for Curve Finance Pools. Curve is currently one of the highest in TVL with a large portion of that being stablecoins. Currently sitting at $7.3 Billion.

Propose offering a market that allows coverage providers to price the risk of the key pools within the Curve ecosystem.
On volumes the top 5 pools are;

  • 3Pool
  • sUSD
  • alUSD
  • sBTC
  • sETH

Risks to consider on the above pairs as a coverage provider;
Smart contract issues with Curve

Systemic issues with the stable coins in those pools

Systemic issues with Synthetix (for sUSD)

Systemic issues with Synthetix (sBTC pool only)

Historical Issues and Fixes

Full terms for coverage providers to price risks;